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Group: Toy
Size: Small
Coat length: Medium
Grooming required: More than once a week
Coat sheds: No
Home size: Flat, Small or Large House
Garden size: Not required
Lifespan: Over 12 Years
Exercise: Up to 30 minutes per day
This little terrier type dog has a distinctive look giving rise to the name "Monkey Dog". They are very affectionate but have a mischievous and playful side to their personality too.

Small with a shaggy wiry coat, the hair on the face is longer than on the body and the head is round with a pronounced 'stop'. They can come in a variety of colours but are often black or dark grey. They originate in Germany and are thought to have originally been larger in size and bred for ratting but has been miniaturised to add to its appeal as a pet. They are sharp, lively and stubborn, constantly active and are good guard dogs.

They generally like people but need constant firm guidance. Fearless little dogs, they are inclined to challenge other animals, whatever their size, so that needs to be trained out when they are young.

Although they enjoy a long walk, they are so busy indoors that they give themselves plenty of exercise. However they do need to experience outdoors too for mental stimulation.

The wiry coat doesn't need too much grooming but will need stripping as well as occasional brushing and combing. Their short nose inclines them to breathing problems, especially in hot weather and they can be prone to bone fractures.