CV247 - Amazing palliative cancer treatment for dogs and humans

CV247 - Palliative cancer treatment for dogs and humans - research and evidence

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What is CV247

CV247 is a palliative treatment for cancer that is formulated to treat cancer sufferers as a result of their deficiency of certain naturally occurring substances in the body. By replacing these substances, CV247 may bring about an improvement in the quality of life and potentially prevent the reoccurrence of tumours, and has no known serious or severe adverse side effects.

It is a combination therapy, combining three commonly available health care products: manganese, copper and vitamin C and a drug component Sodium Salicylate, an anti-inflammatory product similar to aspirin. Because of the drug component it is only available on prescription.

With few known side effects, this combination of ingredients could prove to be an excellent weapon in the cancer treatment arsenal either on its own or in combination with other treatments.

Benefits of CV247