Watch video: CV247 - Palliative cancer treatment for dogs and humans - research and evidence

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2020 UPDATE: CV Pharma are currently working on Phase III trials on dogs, testing the effectiveness of CV247 with Cisplatin on dogs with different types of cancer.

This video looks in more detail at the research and evidence for its effectiveness. Previously (to when this video was filmed in 2012), research had focussed on the effectiveness of CV247 in palliative care but there is some evidence to suggest that it might prove valuable when used as part of a treatment program in making existing cancer treatments such as Cisplatin more effective. More clinical trials will be needed to establish this for certain.

CV247 is a palliative treatment for cancer that is formulated to treat cancer sufferers as a result of their deficiency of certain naturally occurring substances in the body. By replacing these substances, CV247 may bring about an improvement in the quality of life and potentially prevent the
reoccurrence of tumours, and has no known serious or severe adverse side effects.

Benefits of CV247
- Strengthens the immune system which provides improved Quality of Life
- Forms part of the body’s anti-oxidant defences
- May prevent the reoccurrence of tumours
- May aid recovery from surgery, chemotherapy or radiotherapy
- May be taken adjunctively with chemotherapy and radiotherapy has more general information and is for professionals and patients with more explanatory information on trials, tests, leaflets and media. For access to the latter website, please use cvpharma247 for both username and password.

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