Group: Toy
Size: Small
Coat length: Long
Grooming required: Every day
Coat sheds: No
Home size: Flat, Small or Large House
Garden size: Not required
Lifespan: Over 12 Years
Exercise: Up to 30 minutes per day
The Bolognese (pronounced Bol-o-neese) is very fond of human company and a generally intelligent little breed.

They are a small, stocky dog with a mass of long, white, fluff. In fact the only feature you can really make out is its little black nose. The coat, however, is more like flocking than a regular coat.

They come from Northern Italy and hail from the same line as the Maltese. They were bred as companion pets. They are fairly docile, particularly indoors, but are willing to please and quite good at obedience. They love human company and are good natured with other animals. They enjoy the opportunity for a daily walk.

The long coat requires regular grooming but does not need trimming. They are a generally healthy breed with few problems.