Group: Hound
Size: Large
Coat length: Medium
Grooming required: More than once a week
Coat sheds: No
Home size: Large House
Garden size: Small/Medium
Lifespan: Over 10 Years
Exercise: Up to 1 hour per day
The regal looking Borzoi is a noble dog who makes a loyal companion to his owner.

The Borzoi, or Russian Wolfhound, is similar in shape to a Greyhound, very slender but with a deep chest, but their coat is long and comes in a variety of colours.

They were bred in Russia for hunting across the open planes and are very fast. Their name comes from a Russian word meaning "swift". They are quite quiet and clean and can be trained but like all hounds may give priority to a scent over a command.

Although they do not naturally take to strangers, they can be trained to accept them but would not enjoy rough play with children. Like all hounds, they will chase after wildlife. They will tend to be sedentary indoors so need plenty of outdoor exercise and will move very quickly given the opportunity.

The silky coat needs careful attention to keep it at its best and Borzois will moult quite heavily at certain times of the year. They are prone to bloat and sensitive to drugs.