Ibizan Hound

Ibizan Hound
Group: Hound
Size: Large
Coat length: Short
Grooming required: Once a week
Coat sheds: No
Home size: Large House
Garden size: Large
Lifespan: Over 10 Years
Exercise: More than an hour per day
The Ibizan Hound is an extremely energetic hunting dog.

They are slim and athletic, with large upright ears and amber coloured eyes. Their coats, a combination of whites, reds and tans are most commonly smooth-haired, but can be wire-haired, or, less often, long-haired.

They were bred in the Spanish islands for hunting rabbits, either alone or in packs. Most garden fences would not present much of a challenge to such a breed that so loves to run, and, especially, chase. They can be a little cautious with strangers, but once they get to know them, the Ibizan Hounds are very good with adults and children. They are generally good with other pets that are raised in the household, but cats, rabbits, rodents and other small animals outside the home are likely to be hunted, and if caught, might be killed. This breed needs a great deal of very energetic exercise. If the Ibizan Hound chases off, following a scent, it can be very difficult to retrieve!

The only grooming required is an occasional brushing or sponging. The coat of the Ibizan Hound is not very protective in particularly cold weather. This breed enjoys generally good health with very few hereditary issues, but some suffer from allergies, and others might have occasional seizures.