Mexican Hairless

Mexican Hairless
Group: Utility
Size: Medium
Coat length: Short
Grooming required: Once a week
Coat sheds: No
Home size: Small or Large House
Garden size: Small/Medium
Lifespan: Over 10 Years
Exercise: Up to 1 hour per day
The Mexican Hairless, or Xolo, is one of the oldest known breeds, dating back over 3,000 years. Not only valued as a companion, they were a popular "hot water bottle" on a cold night. Bitterly cold weather called for a "Three Dog Night".

There are three sizes: Intermediate, Miniature and Standard and actually two "coat" types which come in a variety of colours. The completely hairless are the more popular but around one in every 5 born has a short, shiny coat. They are a muscular and hardy dog with a broad skull and large upright ears.

Their Mexican name means "God-Dog" and the ancient Aztecs and Mayans thought they had healing properties and a special connection to the gods. This meant that they were sometimes sacrificed as an offering or buried with their owners when they died. The smaller Xolos were companions, bed warmers and even eaten as a delicacy. The larger were more for protection.

They are extremely loyal and bond quickly and easily. They have been known to climb trees and ride horses to be with their owner. It is important that they are given the opportunity to bond with the whole family or they can become a one person dog. They are very intelligent and athletic and do well at agility and obedience. They are naturally protective of their family so need to be taught to accept strangers and other animals.

Young Xolos need a lot of exercise for their body and brain. They do calm down as they mature but they'll always enjoy a daily walk. They tend not to run off as they'd rather be with their owner.

Obviously the hairless do not need brushing but a little moisturiser and sun screen in hot weather is a good idea, something mild and hypoallergenic. They are normally a long-lived breed with no known health problems.