Norfolk Terrier

Norfolk Terrier
Group: Terrier
Size: Small
Coat length: Medium
Grooming required: More than once a week
Coat sheds: No
Home size: Flat, Small or Large House
Garden size: Small/Medium
Lifespan: Over 10 Years
Exercise: Up to 1 hour per day
Norfolk Terriers are one of the smallest of the working terriers but are sweeter natured than many.

They are a short-legged, sturdy little dog with a wiry coat that comes in red, wheaten, tan, black and tan, or grizzle. They are very similar to Norwich Terriers and until 1964 were considered the same dog (collectively known as the Norwich Terrier), but Norfolks have ears that are dropped at the tip and are more angular in shape.

They originate in the UK where they were used as ratters and to flush out foxes that had gone to ground. They are a busy, brave, affectionate little dog. They're intelligent and trainable but need to be kept busy. A bored Norfolk Terrier might start barking or digging. They are a sociable little dog that enjoys the company of people, children and other dogs but may not be trusted around small mammals. They are active most of the time and enjoy a daily walk and a good game of fetch.

The wiry coat needs regular brushing and combing and occasional clipping. They are generally healthy but may be prone to back problems and eye disease.