Picardy Sheepdog

Picardy Sheepdog
Group: Pastoral
Size: Medium
Coat length: Medium
Grooming required: Once a week
Coat sheds: No
Home size: Small or Large House
Garden size: Small/Medium
Lifespan: Over 10 Years
Exercise: Up to 1 hour per day
Picardy Sheepdogs, known as Berger Picard in their native France, were nearly extinct after World Wars 1 and 2 but have had something of a revival since then. They have appeared in a number of films in the USA because their rustic look gives them the appearance of a lovable cross-breed.

They are a medium-sized dog with a thick, wiry, waterproof coat that is normally fawn or brindle, which is quite easy to maintain. They can also be quite amusing with a tendency to look as though they're laughing or smiling.

The Picardy is hardy and well-muscled but not a heavy dog and they can take plenty of exercise. They are lively and intelligent, if a little reserved around strangers, but are quiet, loyal and love company.