Becky Skelhon

Dog trainer

Rebecca Skelhon met Pam Mackinnon in 2007, Becky had just returned from her homeland, America, and had seen Rally Obedience there. Keen to become involved when she returned to the UK, through a mutual friend she contacted Pam who was already running classes teaching Rally. Becky came along to classes, and never left!

Becky has lived all over the world, but decided to stay in the UK after she retired, having done 22 years in the American Air Force. She embraced her love of dogs and started studying training and behaviour. In order to ensure her practical skills met her theoretical knowledge Becky volunteered with numerous training classes and rescues before settling at Talking Dogs. Becky now co-teaches the Rally and Puppy classes with Pam.

Never one to rest on her laurels, Becky continues to take courses, seminars and attend conferences on all things canine, such as Helen Zulch's Life Skills for Puppies and Sarah Whitehead's Training for the Future. Becky lives with two dogs, Tayla, a German Shorthaired Pointer and Darcy, a miniature poodle.
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