Gemma Blackwell

Animal Communicator

Gemma Blackwell is an Animal Communicator. Attuned to Reiki Level 2 she then went onto qualify in
Animal Communication at the end of 2010. In January 2011 Gemma set up her
Animal Communication Practice 'Pets Tails' and works with animals and
their owners all over the World. Based in Herefordshire she travels locally
with her work and also carries out distant consultations over the phone and
Skype. Connecting with the essence of the animal through Animal
Communication means she can also communicate with animals that are in

Gemma communicates with animals in a very natural,
non-intrusive way. Quietening her mind and focusing on the animal she is
able to pick up information and receives this in many different ways
including visual, words, feelings and intuition. She works with you and your
pet in a 3-way communication and the consultations tend to feel more like a
3 way conversation than a 'reading'.

Animal Communication can help
in a lot of ways including helping you to understand and resolve your pet's
emotional or behavioural problems, assisting Vets and other Practitioners in
identifying and treating physical problems, helping animals with fear,
anxiety, nervousness or aggression or simply helping to improve your
relationship with your pet. It can also benefit rescue animals and helping
them to settle into a new home. Losing a beloved pet is a very difficult
time in an animal lover's life so Animal Communication can help you and
your pet at this time. Pet grief counselling is also offered to those who
have recently suffered a loss. If you feel you are ready to connect with
your pet that has passed away Gemma will help you make that connection,
helping you to remember the good times and not the bad. A part of Gemma's
work is to help track down missing pets and finding out vital information on
where they are or where they have been.

To find out more about Animal
Communication and how it could benefit you and your pets contact Gemma on
07815 009941 or