Jane Harvey

TTouch practitioner

When qualifying as a TTouch Practitioner in October 2006, Jane focussed initially on one-to-one TTouch and training sessions with dogs and their handlers.

Tellington TTouch has allowed her to help so many dogs, some showing quite disturbed and distressed behaviour as a result of previous abuse or neglect. Jane now runs monthly Tellington Training workshops alongside her popular doggie day care service in Leicester, UK.

She says "Sometimes handlers just need a little help understanding their dogs and working on some basic training to improve their behaviour and wellbeing. My Tellington TTouch journey has taken me a very long way - from fearing dogs (having been attacked when I was younger) to understanding, helping and caring for them. I love the work I do and with a lot of hard work have finally realised my childhood dream. My mission statement is: To improve the wellbeing of animals through understanding and education."
Visit Jane's website here: http://facebook.com/harveysdogs