Jenny Youdan

Canine Massage Therapist

Jenny Youdan is a professional, qualified Canine Massage Therapist. Since completing a 2 year Diploma (level 3) in Therapeutic Canine Massage in November 2012, she established K9 Elements Massage Therapy.

Treating dogs from all walks of life - small and large, young or old, sporting, working and beloved pets, Jenny aims to improve the dog's quality of life. She helps to keep them mobile, reduce stiffness and alleviate pain using 4 disciplines of massage - Swedish, Sports, Deep Tissue and Myofascial Release techniques.

In addition to treating individual dogs, Jenny also works with agility and flyball clubs to help handlers better understand the demands these sports place on their dogs. This preventative work aims to increase awareness, minimise injuries and keep the dog healthy.

Through her work, Jenny supports 2 local animal charities - Medical Detection Dogs and HULA Animal Rescue. Canine Massage has 2 main applications in the rescue centre: firstly, to calm, relax and alleviate any tension and secondly, to identify any muscular injuries that could be the root cause of behavioural issues. The ultimate aim is to improve the dog's welfare and help it to be re-homed.

To learn about the benefits of Canine Massage Therapy and understand how it can help your dog, then please visit Jenny's website.
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