Jo Pay

Dog trainer

Jo has been working with dogs for over 18 years, starting her career with Hearing Dogs for Deaf People. For the past 8 years Jo has been running Standish Dog Trainer, a successful training business providing dog behaviour modification training, companion dog training classes, puppy parties, KC Rally Obedience, scent work classes, agility classes and clicker and tricks classes. Jo has completed diploma courses with Compass Education, carried out a study of wolves, and considers herself to be very lucky to have learned from some of the world's leading dog trainers including Dr Ian Dunbar, Dr Daniel Mills, Grisha Stewart, Dr Susan Friedman, Chirag Patel, Turid Rugaas and many more.

Jo is the European Manager for Victoria Stilwell's Positively Dog Training, as well as being an approved VSPDT trainer.

Jo is a firm believer in the power of force free training of dogs, using reward based, kind training techniques to help modify serious behavioural issues in dogs.

Having seen so many issues in dogs that could have been avoided with the correct socialisation of and management of young puppies, Jo is passionate that puppy classes and puppy parties are the most important things to get right, so has put together a package to help dog owners through this crucial time with their puppies. This is an area that Jo continues to study in greater depth. Jo also works with local veterinarians promoting fear free vet visits for dogs.

Jo regularly lectures on subjects including how dogs learn and the power of force free training to Animal Behaviour students and trains other trainers on the correct way to run puppy parties and puppy classes.

In her free time, Jo can be spotted heading off into the fields with her two border collies Indie and Twist.
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