Mary Ann Nester

Heelwork to Music

Mary Ann Nester was born in the USA and came to Britain in 1972 as a student. In 1997 she set up Aslan Dog Training Club, named after her Lurcher and first agility dog. She is a member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers as well as a SAQ trainer (licence 30800) and accredited trainer in the DAQ method

Mary Ann's most successful agility dogs have been miniature poodles. Brillo Pad competed in the Agility Draw Challenge on "National Lottery Live!" winning Mary Ann the privilege of pushing the button that released the evening's lottery balls in front of millions of television viewers. None of her friends had a winning ticket but it was good PR for poodles. In addition, Brillo and Daz have both been finalists at Olympia and Crufts and have competed at international level. Brillo represented Great Britain at the World Agility Championships in Portugal 2001 and Daz in Germany 2002 and France 2003.

Committed to promoting canine sports, Mary Ann accepts judging appointments in agility and heelwork to music throughout the year and is an official measurer of agility dogs for the Kennel Club. She has had fun combining training dogs with a writing career. The publication of her first book, "Agility Dog Training" is one of her proudest landmark moments!
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