Nando Brown IMDT, CTDI, CAP2, PPG, FSG1

Dog trainer

Head Trainer for Doghouse, certified pet dog trainer, clicker trainer, trick dog instructor, nosework instructor, security dog handler and assessor for the Institute of Modern Dog Trainers. Nando is also a committee member of the Pet Professional Guild.

Nando's interest lies with Scent Detection, Search and Rescue, Frisbee, Trick dog training and Rally, but his passion is dog behaviour and he is keen to help any dog that has a chance.

Nando writes for Dogs Monthly and has studied and trained under Jean Donaldson and the Academy of Dog Trainers, Dr. Ian Dunbar, Sarah Whitehead, The Animal Care College, Drove Veterinary Hospital, Steve Mann, The Institute and members of the Dog Borstal team.

Having originally had a "problem dog", Nando realised that there hadn't been just 1 person to solve his problems and set about trying to change that, subsequently "In The Doghouse" was born.
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