Tony Cruse

Dog trainer

Tony has instructed at various successful training schools and currently manages and runs The Galleywoofers Dog Training Club. Having worked at a busy rescue kennels, Tony has trained some very difficult dogs, big and small, withdrawn and enthusiastic.

Author of '101 Doggy Dilemmas' (available on Amazon), Tony writes for various magazines and is on the 'Expert Panel' at Your Dog Magazine, answering reader's pet dog problems. He is also appears regularly on radio shows.

Recommended by many veterinary surgeries, Tony is a member of the Association of Pet Dog trainers (APDT UK) and The Institute of Modern Dog Trainer (IMDT) which both have a strict code of practice so he abides by kind and fair principles of training built on the science of dog behaviour.

In 2015 Tony was invited to teach second year veterinary students in canine behaviour and welfare at Writtle University College. He is now a nominated lecturer for Writtle University College.
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