Watch video: Are dogs telepathic?

Any dog owner will be familiar with the feeling that their dog understands them. We know dogs can't speak but do communicate with ourselves and each other through body language but can dogs actually read minds? Sonia Glover believes they can.

In this video she explains what telepathy is, how she believes it works and offers suggestions for things we can try to test it out.

Recommended Books - The following is a list of books that Sonia recommends:
Hands on Healing for Pets: Margrit Coates (ISBN: 1 8441 5051-7)
The Holistic Animal Handbook: Kate Solitice-Mattelon and Patrice Mattelon (ISBN: 157178153-6)
Learning their Language: Marta Williams (ISBN: 1-57731-243-0)
Talking with the Animals: Patty Summers (ISBN: 1-57174-108-9)
The language of Miracles: Amelia Kinkade (ISBN-10: 1-57731-510-3)
Animal Communicators and Other Therapies - Run good informative courses
Margrit Coates -
Amelia Kinkade -
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