Watch video: Bikejoring - a first go

What happens at Jo's first go at bikejor?

In this video, Jackie England takes out Jo and Riley, her German Longhaired Pointer, for their first try and we find out how they got on. Certainly, from Jo's eye view, it looks pretty exciting.

Bikejoring is one of those activities that many people and their dogs could have fun with, but in order to do it properly, you need some specific equipment. For someone who's not sure if this sport is for them, the cost may seem prohibitive. This is why it's useful to have someone in the sport already like Jackie on hand on go out with you and provide one-to-one tuition and equipment so that you can try it out.

Please note: there are only specific areas where you are able to bikejor so please search for your local club who can guide you appropriately. Also it is important to check your public liability insurance covers bikejor as it is a potentially dangerous sport and, unlike canicross, insurance companies might not cover it.

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