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This is a video about the dog breed Border Terrier, from the website.

In this video, we meet the popular dog breed, the Border Terrier. Mike Hollingsbee has been breeding Border Terriers for 15 or so years and is the Secretary of the East Anglia Border Terrier Club.

Border Terriers were originally bred from a mix of other terriers by the Huntmasters of the Border Hunt, the "border" being that between England and Scotland. They were bred to help Fox Terriers with the hunt. When a fox "went to ground", or hid in a hole, Border Terriers were used to flush them out. The physical characteristics of the Border Terrier - coat, size and shape - as well as the breed's personality traits, were all chosen to best meet this purpose and Mike tells us what these are. The result is a small, wiry, lively, friendly and spirited dog that Mike can't imagine being without.
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