Watch video: Canicross: cross country running with dogs

Find out all about cross country running with dogs.

There are numerous dog sports that might appeal to you and your dog, some of which require not just a high level of fitness from the dog but from the owner too. Canicross is one such sport.

In this video, George Humphreys of Ashridge Canicrossers gives us an overview. He explains what it consists of, what special equipment is used and who can take part. He gives some safety advice about the appropriate age for a dog to start and how to go about their training. He also has one final word of warning - it's addictive!

0:00 Introduction
0:46 The history of canicross
3:25 Which dogs can do canicross?
3:59 what age can I start canicross with my dog
5:36 Does canicross encourage dogs to pull
6:23 Getting started in canicross
6:44 Canicross cues for left and right
6:51 Competing in Canicross

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