Watch video: Canicross: Dog harnesses

Probably the most important piece of equipment to get right for the sport of Canicross is the dog-harness.

George Humphreys from Ashridge Canicrossers provides some useful guidance through the bewildering choices. He also shows us how to tell when a harness is a poor fit and what to consider when fitting a harness on a long-haired dog.

To find out about other canicross equipment, watch the Canicross: general equipment video in our Canicross playlist at

0:00 Introduction
0:37 Find a club who can lend you various styles of the different equipment
0:59 Can you use a walking harness for canicross?
1:33 hull length harnesses
2:48 mid range harnesses
3:41 Shoulder harnesses
5:11 How to stop the clip on the lead from rubbing against the dog
6:55 Incorrectly fitted harnesses
8:39 long haired dogs

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