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Even before considering what harness might be right for your dog, it's surprising how many different styles of other equipment there are for the sport of Canicross, so getting it right is not just about finding the right size but the right style too. In addition, there's an array of other items you need to carry with you. George Humphreys from Ashridge Canicrossers gives some invaluable advice on what you might choose and the reasons for choosing it. To find out about the range of dog harnesses and how to choose the right one for your dog, watch the Canicross: dog harnesses video.

0:00 Introduction
0:23 Find a club who can lend you various styles of the different equipment
0:52 Hip and waist canicross belts
3:26 Bungee canicross lines
4:47 Double canicross lines (for one person with two dogs)
5:21 Canicross footwear - trail shoes
7:10 Muzzles
8:14 Backpack - phone, keys, water, bowl
10:20 First aid kit
11:47 Waterproof clothing

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