Watch video: Dangerous dog laws

Tina Hay is a partner at, a Hertfordshire based firm of criminal defence solicitors who specialise in dangerous dog laws. Of the more than 35 acts that apply to dogs, there are specific ones that relate to dangerous dogs. She outlines what these laws state, how they impact on the breeds that people can keep and what is and is not considered acceptable dog behaviour. Within criminal law, there are certain breeds that people can keep as long as the owner conforms to a strict list of guidelines.

This all sounds very reasonable until you hear from Tina how some people are using the civil courts as a way to order the destruction of dogs that do not present a danger to society, just because they have the appearance of a banned breed. Tina offers some very useful advice on what practical steps we, as dog owners, can take to try to keep our dogs out of trouble.

She also offers some invaluable advice on what to do if you or your dog are the victims of a dog attack or if your own dog causes injury to another person or dog.
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