Watch video: Disc Dog - how to start the training

How do you start training your dog to catch a frisbee? What if they're not interested at the start?

When you see Chiara Zorzetto demonstrating the sport of Disc Dog with a Border Collie, it's hard to imagine how something like that is trained, but as with any dog sport, you have to start with the basics. Office dog, Sandy, is no Disc Dog, yet, so makes the perfect candidate for Chiara to show us how the basics are taught. Chiara then shows us, with the help of Border Collie Enja, how those basics can be developed.

Along the way she also provides us with some essential information about how to motivate your dog's interest in the sport and how to train in a safe way.

Before teaching any physical sport, it's always a good idea to get your dog checked over by a vet to ensure they are physically capable and are unlikely to injure themselves.

Thank you to Ruby Welsford from UK Disc Dog Association for some of the clips in this video.

More information about DiscDog can be found at:

UK Disc Dog Association

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