Watch video: DNA breed identification test - what breeds are in your dog's history?

We've often wondered what breeds went into creating office dog Sandy. As she's a rescue we thought we had no way of knowing, so we jumped at the opportunity to ask Sarah Morris from Black Dog DNA ( to investigate.

In this video, Sarah tells us about the origins of dog DNA testing and what information goes into the database to enable the DNA test to be carried out. She also explains how the DNA sample is collected, how long it normally takes for the results to come through and how to interpret the results.

All pure breeds were bred for a specific purpose so have certain personality traits that have been encouraged. In addition, many breeds are prone to specific health problems. By knowing the breed history of a cross breed, we can glean useful information that helps us with training and choosing suitable activities and can also have forewarning about health problems to look out for.

The video also shows the moment of truth when we found out Sandy's DNA. It was quite an eye-opener.

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