Watch video: Dog chain collars and their alternatives

In this video, Sue Ketland explains how choke chain dog collars can be harmful and suggests alternative dog training collars.

Although there are now a wonderful range of gentle leading arrangements available for dogs, it is surprisingly common to still see dogs on choke chains or even half choke chain collars.

In this video, Sue explains the reasons behind their original use and the reasons why they are so out of date these days. Sue provides answers to the common questions people have over the use of collars such as choke chains and also explains the dangers involved, how your dog's behaviour can be influenced by the collars and how they can affect their spinal cord and hip area. Even dogs that are not classed as 'pullers' can be negatively affected by the use of collars that pull on the neck area as they rely on fear, pain or punishment as a method of training, management and control.

It is worth also watching our videos on using head collars and using harnesses if you would like to find a practical, more gentle method of leading your dog.
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