Watch video: Dog Obedience - starting heelwork

One of the key elements of competitive obedience is heelwork. In this video, Clare Williams of Chesvale Dog Training Club shows what is meant by the term and offers guidance on how to start. She demonstrates how to get from the "off the leg" position by teaching the dog to focus on the hand, including covering both right hand circles and left hand circles. Clare discusses how throwing treats and then bringing them back to catch up with you can make the training more fun.

Clare then discusses bringing them to the "on the leg" position, which is the position required in the competition ring. She also demonstrates how to get the dog set up into the right position to begin to move and those all-important first steps.

0:00 Introduction
2:15 First lessons – follow the hand
7:24 Bringing them onto the leg
9:04 The set up and set off

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