Watch video: Tracking with dogs (The UK Tracking Dog Association)

Find out all about tracking with dogs

It's well known that dogs have an incredible sense of smell and love to explore the world using their nose. This is why they have been so invaluable to organisations like the police for many years, but tracking is something we can all enjoy with our dogs.

In this video, Heather Donnelly tells us about the UK Tracking Dog Association, an organisation that focusses on nose work. She explains how the sport is introduced and what is involved at the different levels. She also explains how it differs from the sport that it originated from - working trials. Finally, she tells us how we can find out more so that we can try it for ourselves.

0:00 Introduction
2:14 Tracking for rescue dogs
2:43 Tracking for young puppies
3:18 Tracking for old dogs
3:38 Laying a track and how the dogs track ground scent
4:30 Competitions - what's involved at each level
6:06 Articles in tracking
7:33 Becoming certified with the UK tracking dog association
8:09 Wilderness pursuit
8:58 What causes you to fail a track
9:35 How to start in tracking
11:40 Suitable locations to train your dog to track

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