Watch video: Dog training techniques: shaping, luring and catching

In this video, dog training expert Sally Marchant explains how to teach dog tricks using Shaping, Luring and Catching with positive reward training and a clicker.

Sally's Swedish Vallhund 'Lady' demonstrates some of her tricks, Lady has a repertoire of around 70 commands, each taught using one the three methods shown in this video.

Sally explains how these different methods all work and shows you exactly how to go about doing them all. You will have your dogs collecting your post, and sneezing on command in no time!

As well as providing an understanding of how these training methods can be used for teaching dog tricks, this video also provides a great understanding of how these methods actually work, and so how they could be used to help your dog overcome behavioural issues too, through classical conditioning.

0:00 Introduction
1:46 Dog training technique: Luring
3:06 Dog training technique: Catching
3:56 Dog training technique: Shaping

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