Watch video: DogLost: Reuniting lost and stolen dogs with their owners

In this video, we hear from Jane from DogLost about the work they do to help owners find their dogs before they end up in an animal shelter or the RSPCA.

Jayne Hayes, founder of DogLost, describes how she started up the organisation 8 years ago. Her own loved pet, a Miniature French Bulldog, had gone missing but was eventually found after 6 frustrating weeks. In trying to find him, she had found the biggest problem was not only that the different organisations she approached, such as the police and local authority, didn't seem to care about a missing dog but also that they didn't seem to communicate with each other. The idea of an Internet based central organisation to hold information on missing and found dogs seemed to be the solution.

DogLost is a large and free organisation that can help in a huge variety of ways in helping to reunite dogs with their owners. Jayne offered a word of warning against some smaller organisations, which often make hefty charges, and argues that, due to the nature of the service, a central service such as DogLost seems to make more sense.

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