Watch video: Dominance in dogs: is it true?

In this video, dog training expert Ian Dunbar discusses whether dogs really are dominant and whether we should 'dominate' our dogs.

With 40 years in the trade, and 10 years of research into dog hierarchies, Dr Dunbar is quite possibly one of the most qualified dog experts to discuss such a topic as the 'Dominance Theory'. We were eager to catch up with him to hear his opinions, advice and research findings.

In this video, Ian discusses the existence of dog hierarchies, the difference between male and female canines, the way dogs use these social structures and how, ultimately, there is no rigid solid hierarchy at all.

He explains how the common perception of 'top' 'alpha' or 'dominant' dog is largely misunderstood and how this misunderstanding has a negative affect when we try to use it within dog training or as a way to explain dog behaviour.

Ian describes what his approach would be to a common behaviour problem: 'my dog doesn't like my new boyfriend' and how he would initially approach solving this issue.
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