Watch video: Film and TV work with my dog

How can I get into film / TV / photoshoot / modelling work with my dog?

In this video we meet Kay Westgate and her dog actors Ozzie and Twiggy. We find out about dogs in film and Kay explains how to get your dog on TV. In this fascinating insight into working with a canine TV and Film star, Kay tells us all about Ozzie's acting experience on the 'silver screen' including experience with The Dog's Trust TV adverts, the Royal Opera House and BBC drama Jonathan Creek. Kay gives us some tips on getting into the world of canine acting, shows us how she trained Ozzie to do his tricks using reward based training and finally the top things you will need to train your dog to do for their own TV career, such as sit, stay, watch the camera and ‘speak’ (bark) on cue.

0:00 Introduction
0:25 How I got my dog into TV work
1:08 Canine film star Ozzie
1:49 Dog star Ozzie’s first assignment – Jonathan Creek TV series
3:30 Famous dog Ozzie at the Royal Opera House
4:40 How to get dogs into film and TV work
6:22 How much can I earn with TV work with my dog

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