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This is a video about the dog breed Grand Basset Griffon Vendeen, from the website.

Vivian Phillips has been breeding Grand Basset Griffon Vendeen for over 20 years and has shown them both abroad and in this country. The Grand Basset is a dog which is comparatively large in body while being short on legs. The head, muzzle and tail are longer than on the petit version and they have excellent feet. This was essential for their original purpose as a hunting dog in the Vendee region of France. As a result, they are a very active dog, require quite a bit of exercise and have the stamina to keep going for a long time.

They have a wiry coat, which comes in a variety of colours, and need regular thorough grooming, paying particular attention to the ears. On the whole, they are a healthy dog although they are prone to ear problems. As with some other breeds, there have been some reported cases of epilepsy, but the GBGV club are doing everything they can to eradicate this. Grand Bassets are affectionate, intelligent and sociable. Like all hounds, they have a tendency towards selective deafness when they get the scent of a rabbit so will need a firm upbringing to ensure that they are an obedient dog...well, for 90% of the time anyway!
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