Watch video: Grief and loss in other pets

Do dogs grieve when one of the dogs (or one of the people) in the house dies?

There is no way of knowing how a pet dog will respond to the death of another. In this video, Belinda Johnston (filmed in 2013), Belinda Johnston from (, a vet who specialises in bereavement, describes some of the possible reactions we might expect.

Some pets will display obvious signs of bereavement such as loss of appetite, some may even seem happier.

Belinda offers some explanations for the behaviour demonstrated by the remaining pet and outlines what we can do to help.

0:00 Introduction
0:19 Do dogs grieve?
0:30 What signs of grief might dogs show?
1:46 Should you let the other pets see the body?
3:22 How to help a dog who is grieving
4:08 Should we get another dog?

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