Watch video: Dog Breed Video: German Shorthaired and Longhaired Pointers

This is a video about the dog breed German Shorthaired and Longhaired Pointers, from the website.

In this video, we meet the German Shorthaired and Longhaired Pointers. David and Eileen Winser have been involved with 'hunt, point, retrieve' (HPR) breeds for the past thirty five years. They work them in trials and are passionate about training them to hunt, the work these dogs were bred to do. German Pointers are an intelligent, friendly and trainable dog, used to working with man.

They can be left for short periods of time but can be destructive; they are happiest when they are around people. They are certainly good for helping to keep you fit as they do require a lot of exercise.

Eileen gives us some helpful advice on grooming these two different breeds and on the things to check for after being out on country walks to avoid any problems developing. Generally they are quite a healthy dog, although would-be owners should obviously seek out assured breeders who will carry out health checks before breeding a dog. Eileen provides us with some useful web links relating to these breeds.
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