Watch video: Handling puppies

How to get your puppy to LOVE being handled all over!

0:00 Introduction
0:49 Alpha rolling puppies
2:06 Teaching puppies to calm down
2:40 Health checks for puppies

Sally Marchant explains some important areas of puppy training and explains how much fun puppy training can be for everyone.

Sally explains how best to handle young pups and how to create a fantastic training experience by simply playing with your puppy. Sally provides some hints and tips on handling puppies when they are young and great ways to help train them for a life amongst us overly attentive humans.

Sally talks about the very outdated 'alpha roll' technique where the puppy is rolled onto their back by the owner to show how they are 'dominant' and how this method can harm more than help puppies.

These tips will help your puppy to cope with future experiences such as a veterinary examination, a child's enthusiastic approach or even a show ring check over.

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