Watch video: Herbs to ease dog anxiety / fear / stress

This video explains which herbs are good for helping dogs with anxiety / fear / stress at times like fireworks night or travelling.

In this video, Holistic Vet Nick Thompson, tells us the part that herbs can play in helping to deal with stress and something about their origins. He explains how they can form part of a strategy that includes behavioural training and physical items like thunder shirts.

He tells us which are the best herbs for dealing with stress like fireworks night or thunder storms and how to calculate when and how much to give a dog. For those who don't have access to a nearby holistic vet, Nick suggests how to obtain a readily available product.

0:00 Introduction
0:52 Kava (Piper methysticum)
1:53 Piscidia / Jamacian dogwood (and how it can relax fish!)
3:00 Passion flower (passiflora incarnata)
3:32 Skullcap, and valerian (Scutellaria and Valeriana officinalis, Caprifoliaceae)
4:44 Herbs for epileptic dogs
5:14 Wild Lettuce (Lactuca virosa)
6:03 How and when to give dogs relaxing herbs
8:09 What herbs to give dogs who are scared of fireworks
9:57 Herbs for dogs who are scared of cars and travelling

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