Watch video: How can a harness stop a dog pulling on the lead?

Dog training expert Sarah Fisher explains how to train your dog to walk on a lead nicely using various types of harnesses and leads.

If you have heard that harnesses can encourage more pulling on dog walks rather than helping to stabilise the dog, then this video will definitely give you something to consider.

Using the 'two points of contact' technique, a harness can be very helpful when used to walk your dog on a daily basis or used as part of a training programme to help dogs overcome particular issues related to shoulder bracing and neck tension such as aggression, reactivity, pulling on the lead and over excitement.

Sarah talks through the benefits of using a simple 2 point of contact technique to allow a harness to become a truly valuable tool to help stop your dog pulling on the lead, including tips on how best to apply the training.

Sarah also explains for us the huge importance of releasing the pressure on a dog's neck area, for both physical reasons and behavioural ones.
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