Watch video: Dog Breed Video: Hungarian Puli

This is a video about the dog breed Hungarian Puli, from the website.

Jacki has had Hungarian Pulis for 35 years. She has not only shown them but has successfully bred a large number of champions. She tells us what they are like to live with: their personalities, how much exercise they need, how easy they are to train and what health tests to check for.

Jacki also tells about their working origins and how this has a bearing on their characteristics, but also how breeders have worked to make them into more of a family dog. The Puli has a very unique coat which takes a surprising amount of work. Jacki warns us this is not for the faint-hearted and after her description of the work involved, many people might be put off. However one of the plus sides of the coat is that they don't moult which makes them good for people with allergies and, of course, they are very distinctive.
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