Watch video: Innovation in veterinary surgery with Noel Fitzpatrick - part 1

In this video, Noel Fitzpatrick aka 'The Bionic Vet' explains some of the recent advances in innovation in veterinary surgery.

Noel introduces his surgery, an orthopaedic and neurological referral centre for dogs and cats, and discusses his concepts of veterinary medicine.

Noel explains how his surgery differs from others and talks through the reasoning behind his surgical innovations, including the moral and ethical elements of the surgery he performs.

Noel and his team are able to help dogs with various joint and bone issues such as cruciate ligament injuries, spinal disc problems in dogs such as dachshunds, limb cancers and dogs with amputated limbs. He regularly provides prosthetic limbs to help dogs and believes that an integration of human and veterinary medicine is important to the future of veterinary medicine.
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