Watch video: Innovation in veterinary surgery with Noel Fitzpatrick - part 2

In this video, Noel Fitzpatrick aka 'The Bionic Vet' explains some of the recent advances in innovation in veterinary surgery.

In part 2 of our interview, Noel talks through the fascinating subject of just how his surgery works. He explains what materials he uses and how the engineering behind the surgery is designed to allow new limbs to fix to the body and to function optimally.

Noel discusses how implants are usually metal or composite (ceramic) or plastic polymer and how they can have coatings to help bone grow into them. He explains why it is an exciting time for veterinary innovation as the research into biomaterials is advancing rapidly. Noel explains why it is important to look into the impact that the loading will have on the implant material and how it transfers to the bone, and why this is encouraging research into finding metal that's more like bone (with a little bit of give) than standard metal, and various ways of encouraging the bone to bond with the metal.

Noel also shares his influences and some information about the people he looks up to and works alongside. Noel explains how he sees himself as a biological artist, creating for the highest good of all dogs - which certainly sounds good to us!
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