Watch video: Jordan Shelley: an update

In this video, 'dog whisperer' Jordan Shelley explains how his dog training methods have changed since his experience on BBC's 'The One Show'.

This is the second video interview with Jordan, 4 months after he returned from his trip to the states. He tells us how he is finding putting into practice what he has learned and what his plans are going forwards.

Jordan was made infamous by his recent appearance on BBC's The One Show. A furore followed that appearance with many from the dog behaviour and training world up in arms about his use of dominance-based techniques, in particular their use on national television without adequate information about how potentially dangerous they can be.

Many people, faced with the ferocity of opinion against them, would have faded into the background as quickly as possible. Jordan, however, decided instead to seek the best advice he could get. Armed with advice from Beverley Cuddy of Dogs Today magazine, and within a week of The One Show airing, Jordan was on a plane to visit and learn from the best - Ian and Kelly Dunbar.

The next two weeks saw Jordan attend the APDT Annual Conference, where he listened to some of the keenest minds in positive reward based training. He attended Ian Dunbar's SIRIUS puppy training classes, as well as his Science Based Dog Training (With Feeling) seminar, and spent the two weeks living with Ian and Kelly and their three dogs.
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