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The Kennel Club Library is the largest collection of books solely devoted to dogs that's open to the public, in the world, and many of the books are older than The Kennel Club itself. It's a fabulous resource for anyone looking into the history of dogs or The Kennel Club, and the staff at the library will even research things for anyone not able to visit in person.

Since filming these videos the Kennel Club has moved further down from its old building on Clarges Street to new purpose built premises that provide upgraded facilities for its library and gallery collection.

In this video filmed in 2015, Ciara Farrell, The Kennel Club Library and Collections Manager, tells us what sort of information people are typically looking for, and shares with us some tales about some of the more unusual information that has been found.


0:00 Introduction

3:33 Bloodhounds and Jack the Ripper
How one Bloodhound breeder demonstrated the bloodhound’s amazing almost supernatural scenting abilities, and inspired detective novels about Jack the Ripper

4:17 We see the oldest book in the Kennel Club’s collection – Manwood’s Lawes of the Forrest from 1598 about the countryside and countryside management which discusses who may keep dogs and which breeds may be kept by which type of people. Only the aristocracy were allowed to keep greyhounds or spaniels.

6:11 The history of the Kennel Club
The very first stud book gives some important information about the history of the Kennel Club and the beginning of dog showing in the UK.

7:26 The first All Breeds Crufts Catalogue

9:13 A list of Her Majesty the Queen (Queen Victoria)’s own pet dogs.

We apologise for the background noise in this video, there were unexpected building works happening next door at the time of filming!

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