Watch video: LED light therapy for dogs

Light therapy is an alternative therapy for the treatment of pain and injury. Ruth Milner from Danetre Health Products is the UK Distributer of Photizo light therapy devices. In this video, she explains the concept behind LED light therapy. Unlike laser therapy which has to be administered by a trained professional, LED devices can be used by anyone. Ruth tells us how the therapy works and what it can be used for.

This video includes:
0:00 introduction
0:38 What is light therapy and how does it work?
3:35 The effective wavelengths for light therapy
4:36 LED light therapy vs Laser light therapy
5:58 Who uses LED light therapy
6:41 LED light therapy for sporting and performance dogs
7:56 LEG light therapy for racing huskies (with their thick coats)
8:58 Do dogs like light therapy?
10:13 Where to buy LED light therapy devices
10:45 Side effects of LED light therapy

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