Watch video: Living with a deaf dog

In this video we hear from Karen Lawe about what it is like to live with a deaf dog and how deaf dogs enjoy normal lives including walks and training.

Karen Lawe (Deaf Dog Network), Julie Hopton (owner of a deaf dog) and Mick O'Neal (volunteer at Battersea Dogs Home) here give us first hand experience of what it is like to deal with a dog with hearing difficulties. The test for dog deafness is the B.A.E.R test and measures brain function. Deafness can be present in one or both ears to a greater or lesser degree. Certain breeds seem to be more susceptible to deafness than others.

Surprisingly, deafness does not seem to present as many difficulties as you might imagine. Dogs compensate using other senses and can respond to hand signals equally as well as to voice commands. The dogs who fare best seem to be ones who have a dog companion they can take signals and reassurance from.
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