Watch video: Medical Detection Dogs: my alert dog

Serena Courtney is the proud owner of a Medical Alert Dog called Molly. Molly is a terrific asset to the family because Serena's son, Steven, suffers from type 1 diabetes and Molly is able to warn when Steven's blood sugar levels are too high or too low. This is helpful because there are so many factors that can effect blood sugar that the management of this condition is incredibly difficult to get right without that warning.

Molly was actually a recently acquired family pet and was already showing some awareness of Steven's impending attacks when Serena heard a talk on the subject. After proper training by the charity Medical Detection Dogs, Molly was fully able to take on the role of invaluable support to Steven and his family.

Serena tells us about some of the many ways in which the reassurance of a having Medical Alert Dog has brought benefits to the whole family, a fact they are happy and willing to share
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