Watch video: Medical detection dogs: Sniffer dogs for cancer and now coronavirus!

Claire Guest is Chief Executive and Director of Operations for the charity Medical Detection Dogs. In this video, she tells us about the work of this fascinating and invaluable charity. Initially, the charity focussed on the detection of human cancer, but their remit has been extended far beyond that.

The dogs can detect medical conditions using their refined sense of smell alone. They can be trained to inform us about a huge range of problems from warning that someone is in the very early stages of cancer to warning that a diabetic is about to have a low blood sugar event.

Claire shares with us how the dogs detect problems and what main health areas they can help with. She has some fascinating stories to tell. Maybe one day, by finding out how the dogs use natural detection, machines can be developed that will do the same work and save countless lives.

This was filmed in 2012. Now in 2020, Medical Detection Dogs is looking into whether man’s best friend could play a role in preventing the spread of Coronavirus.

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