Watch video: Mobility carts for dogs

Does your dog need a doggy wheelchair?

Not all dogs can be fortunate enough to have 4 working legs, but in the same way that people can benefit from wheelchairs, dogs can benefit from a dog cart. In this video, Rod Hunt from OrthoPets Europe explains what to look for in a good cart.

In some cases, a dog might only need a cart for a short period as their paralysis is only temporary. For this condition, OrthoPets have a special type of cart where the movement of the wheels promotes movement in the dog's legs. This helps with the rehabilitation process. We can see this clever device in action too.

Unfortunately, there will be some dogs that are not suitable for all kinds of carts and not all kinds of disabilities can be helped. Rod explains what these limitations are and why. But for the dogs that can be helped, a cart can be invaluable.

Rod talks us through 'disabled' carts, then at 5:02 tells us about rehabilitation carts and goes on to explain the differences and which would be best for which dog breeds / conditions and sizes.

This video was filmed in 2015. Currently (in 2020), Kerdog are not selling to Orthopets in the UK, so if a rehabilitation cart is right for your dog then a google search or possibly an overseas purchase might be necessary.

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