Watch video: Mugly - The World's Ugliest Dog

Bev Nicholson is the proud owner of Mugly who was declared Britain's Ugliest Dog by Daily Mail readers in 2005. Mugly's unique appearance is the result of over breeding when trying to achieve the perfect Chinese Crested. Following his UK recognition, Bev thought about entering him in the World's Ugliest Dog competition in America but was put off by the, then, strict quarantine laws. Once the laws were relaxed and pet passports were introduced, it became easier for her to go. He won World's Ugliest Dog, even beating previous winners.

In this video, Bev shares the amazing experiences she had after suddenly finding herself the owner of a famous dog. Mugly may be ugly but seems to have the sweetest nature and actually does valuable work as a therapy dog. He may even, soon, find himself the hero in a range of stories for children.
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